Education: “Maths, a somewhat stiff and abstract discipline”

Anna Etcheverry, 17 years old. “Maths, I often tried to understand, but I think I never succeeded (laughs)! A friend, Zoé, is passionate about canonical functions, parametric representations… For me, it’s an enigma. With the choice of specialties, this discipline is less perceived as mandatory: it’s a relief. But there is still the idea, in the representations, that those who do physics and maths are serious, and those who do letters are dreamers. This cartoon persists. »

Mathilde Mansour, 17 years old. “I had chosen the maths specialty in first, but I gave up in final, I had less fun, it became too theoretical, abstract. However, I took the “complementary maths” option: we know that for orientation after the baccalaureate, the fact of keeping a teaching in maths remains, on the files, a plus. »

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