EDUFORM’ACTION: Eduform’Action shows its growth and reaffirms its ambition to pass the milestone of 100 M EUR in annual turnover! – 26/09/2022 at 10:50

Eduform’Action (MLEFA), a fast-growing entrepreneurial group in the initial education and vocational training market, has demonstrated success in its first months of development and is taking stock of its activities. In this fall, the group is structuring itself and pursuing its strategy by favoring external growth operations in the buoyant training market.

Success of the first developments

In accordance with the strategy announced when it was created at the end of 2021, Eduform’Action is growing rapidly in the training market with the completion of several external growth operations and initial organic developments. The group now covers a range of key sectors which it structures into 3 main areas of training:

>> Health & Services

: via group entities


(Sofis, Forsim, Ifcoss, Mediaprev – 56), specializing in health and the prevention of occupational risks, and the activities of


(the oldest school of osteopathy in initial training – 94).

>> Digital & Technology

: through the creation of

diploma training programs

(Master “Digital Content Manager” / Bachelor “Business Developer and Digital Marketing B2B”) real business academies and in March 2022 the launch of “

Entrepreneur Booster Program

» (100% online platform with BPI France as partner).


Impact & energy

: with the activities of

The EMHa


School of Housing Trades

(training organization and Apprentice Training Center – 78),


(training and coaching center dedicated to professional (re)integration – 69, 42 and 43), and

The Energy Transition Academy

(e-learning platform centered on the IPCC report – 92).

Eduform’Action brings together quality players, highly recognized in their sectors, and has demonstrated success in integrating these new structures. The recently founded group

is pursuing its roadmap by setting itself the objective of achieving an annual turnover of €100 million within 4 years.

This is an ambition but not an objective or a forecast. This ambition is based on external growth which is by definition subject to the vagaries of the market (opportunities, conditions, etc.).

Continued growth, establishment of one of the leaders in training in France

Eduform’Action intends to be one of the leaders in training in France and

train more than 100,000 learners per year.

The group designs training programs and new educational courses specifically adapted to the challenges of the training market at a time when many sectors of activity are under pressure due to a lack of skills, and when it is also necessary to anticipate the professions of tomorrow.

With an intense development program,

Eduform’Action gives itself the means of its ambition

. The group will have raised €2.35 million this summer by private placement (see press release of 07/13) and is currently carrying out a new capital increase of around €1.2 million (see press release of 08/2).

Eduform’Action pursues the same strategy,

combining external growth and organic development. The group is structuring itself and notably appointed Cécile Béziat, Managing Director, this fall.

“The start was quick, Eduform’Action has come a long way in a few months and this is only a starting point! We are determined to develop training in the territories and to allow as many people as possible to train close to home, or at home. We offer training in direct contact not only with current and future societal challenges but also with the needs of companies which are constantly changing. The group launches innovative educational programs, relies on technology: digital being a formidable engine for opening up access to knowledge as widely as possible, and also experiments with new models by making, for certain actions, training free for the learner. In this rapidly changing sector, Eduform’Action is positioned as a dynamic, solid player, seeking economic performance and the positive impact of its activity. –

says Cécile Béziat.

Discover the group’s new website:

and the presentation of Eduform’Action in video

About Eduform’Action Group –


Founded at the end of 2021, Eduform’Action Groupe’s signature is: “Training for the future for employability at the heart of the territories”. The group wants to provide training to those who do not have access to it and thus enable as many people as possible to find a job nearby. It accompanies any learner profile, young or already experienced, and focuses on the sectors most under pressure (technology, energy, impact, health, catering, etc.). Ambitious and in strong development, Eduform’Action Groupe is listed on Euronext Access Paris. Mnemonic: MLEFA, ISIN code: FR0010882886 (PEA eligibility).

Media contact

: Ségolène de Saint Martin – PCE – [email protected] – 33(0)6 16 40 90 73

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