Edward Snowden sells NFT for $ 5.4 million

At the turn of the year it was the DeFi-Space that dominated the news situation in the crypto market, but for some time now it has been non-fungible tokens (NFT) that have published new news every day. In the NFT Newsticker we dedicate ourselves to the sector and always report up to date on developments.

April 19, 2021 – 5:31 p.m .: Edward Snowden sells NFT

The sale of the first NFT by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden brought in 2,244 ETH. The auctioned “Stay Free”, an NFT artwork created by digital artist Platon based on a photo of Snowden. The former CIA employee wants to donate the profit in full to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, of which he is a member of the board of directors, like the crypto portal “Coindesk”Reported. Snowden is a staunch advocate of privacy and freedom of the press. He has stated his positive stance on digital currencies several times in the past. Most recently, however, Snowden criticized the lack of transaction data.

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April 19, 2021 – 11:34 a.m.: Football star Pelé enters NFT space

While NBA Top Shot captures unforgettable basketball moments forever on the blockchain and transforms them into NFT, more and more (ex) professional athletes are also entering the NFT space away from the baskets. The latest example: the football legend Pelé. On May 2nd, he will issue his first non-fungible token on the Ethernity Chain, like the company on Twitter confirmed. 1,282 goals from 1,363 games made for the “most valuable football trading card”. It is quite possible that the sale will bring in record sums again.

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April 19, 2021 – 8:12 am: Paris Hilton, a new NFT influencer?

“I’m obsessed, it’s all I think about,” said Paris Hilton, heiress to hotel billionaires and influencer of NFT. Even at night she dreams of non-fungible tokens, she recently reported in a interview. This may come as a surprise to many who know the 40-year-old from reality trash television and various dubious appearances in film and television, but she has been interested in crypto for a long time – since dinner with some of the founding members of Ethereum . And she knows her way around, surprisingly in recent interviews with specialist knowledge instead of repeating mere empty phrases. When she recently equipped her Twitter profile picture with laser eyes, she even earned praise from MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor personally.


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April 18, 2021 – 8:27 p.m.: Mark Cuban invests in CryptoSlam

The multi-billionaire and crypto advocate has been active in the NFT space for some time. Now the crypto portal reports “The block“That the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks has invested in the NFT start-up CryptoSlam. The entrepreneur made the investment through his venture capital company Radical Investment. Opposite the portal, CryptoSlam CEO Randy Wasinger said that he had financed the company himself to date. Cuban is silent about the amount of his investment. The financial worries that have plagued Wasinger and his NFT transaction data company so far should be history with the entry of the celebrity investor.

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