Ego mom, mother hen, career woman – 7 types of mothers who are better than their reputation

Ego mom, mother hen, career woman
7 types of mothers who are better than their reputation

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Yes, we are good at finding the faults. Our own and sometimes also those of others. It makes so much sense to focus on the benefits. And bang, you notice that we are actually pretty great.

by Marie Stadler

1. Mother of the mother

Your reputation is terrible. But there is at least a small impulse to chuckle in each of us. But the helicopter moms don't care whether there is an understanding of clucking or not, because science is on their side: statistically speaking, children of helicopter mothers are more successful at work than the children of less rotating parents. Well then. Of course, you don't have to overdo it. But at least for a professional career, happiness seems to be beneficial.

2. stepmother

Cinderella's stepmother has had its day. Most modern stepmothers are not scary, but a big PLUS in life. Because they are a little different and sometimes have the necessary distance to see something more clearly than mother and father. Maybe there will be headwinds at times – but if you mean it well with your partner's little ones, they will certainly notice and appreciate it at some point.

3. Career mom

The name alone (or, alternatively, the lack of the name career father) is a single insult. Therefore: thumbs up to all the mothers who do their thing and show their children what it means to be absorbed in a task. Researchers have long since found out that the quality of the time you spend together is much more important than the quantity. So put an end to the guilty conscience. If mothers who work a lot enjoy the time with the children to the full, no one is bad.

4. Ego mother

Are you a selfish mother if you insist on defending a little personal freedom? Not at all!!! "Relaxed mothers have relaxed children and a little less care usually does," says family therapist and book author Mathias Voelchert. He's right, we think, and book the next festival ticket.

5. Housewife and mother

Can you still be a housewife these days? Of course you can! Because emancipation means that you can live as you see fit. And as long as the concept of life does not lead to unhealthy dependencies either now or in the future, it cannot be wrong to have a mother who cares about life together with devotion. Most of the 70s and 80s kids had mothers who waited for us with a warm meal at lunchtime. Has that done us bad? No, it was really nice to be honest!

6. Chaos mother

She messes up appointments, runs hectically 2 minutes before the start of the morning circle to the day care center and does not boast of any organizational talent. So what? Chaos mothers teach (albeit involuntarily) their children to deal with unexpected situations. Perhaps your offspring will also become independent a little faster than the others. Does that have to be something bad? Under no circumstance. Especially since chaos mothers usually spread an unshakable good mood. And having a happy mom is great!

7. Hipster mom

Yes, she is a bit annoying sometimes because she has so much opinion. But at least it stands for things and usually not even for bad ones. She supports fair trade. She takes care of the environment. And she lets her children run barefoot, which has been proven to be great for the little ones. Hipster mothers are just a little bit exhausting for other parents. For their children (and the ecology) they are just TOP in many ways!