Eitan, the only survivor of the cable car accident, was released from the hospital

According to the Turin health authorities, the condition of little Eitan, the only survivor of the Stresa cable car crash, has improved. He was able to return home with his aunt.

Eitan is better. Thursday, June 10, the 5-year-old boy, the only survivor of the cable car accident in northern Italy, was released from the hospital, reports West France. His health “Has improved significantly”, according to the health authorities in Turin, where he was being treated. The child suffered from several traumas and fractures in the abdomen and thorax. He “Came home with an ambulance (…) accompanied by his aunt”, they added. The little boy lives in Pavia, south of Milan. His recovery is expected to take two months.

The Stresa cable car crash on May 23 left 14 people dead. In this atrocious drama, the young Eitan lost his parents, his big brother as well as his great-grandparents.

Where is the investigation?

The accident investigation is still ongoing. Several officials of the cable car company are being prosecuted. They are believed to have deliberately deactivated the emergency braking system for economic reasons. According to Olimpia Bossi, the public prosecutor of Verbania, the cable car “should have remained at a standstill”. Three men were arrested after the tragedy before being released for “a total absence of elements” against two of them, reports AFP. The director of the service Gabriele Tadini was however placed under house arrest.

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