Eko Fresh and his wife Sarah: They said yes again

Eko Fresh and wife Sarah
They said yes again

Rapper Eko Fresh and his wife Sarah have said yes again.

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Eko Fresh has been married to his wife Sarah since 2016. Now the two have said yes again.

Eko Fresh (38) dared again: the rapper and his wife Sarah said yes again. The couple has on Instagram announced. The two have been married since 2016, but now the two have fulfilled their wish for a big dream wedding. “For us, the darn seventh year was exactly the year in which we said yes again,” writes Ekrem Bora, his real name, about some snapshots.

Celebrities were also there

“With family and friends, we celebrated until the wee hours,” the musician reveals. The photos show, among other things, the bridal couple in love – also during the ceremony – and the wedding rings. A celebrity was also there: professional chef Johann Lafer (64). This can be seen in a photo in front of the magnificent wedding cake. As can be seen from a post from the decoration company, the two got married on August 26th.

Sarah wore a princess-style wedding dress – a veil and headband rounded off the glamorous look perfectly. As Instagram stories show, she changed her outfit during the party. The sweeping robe gave way to a mermaid dress. drummers heated up later the wedding guests properly.

It was a “magical day”

Like Sarah further revealed to the “Bild” newspaper, they exchanged their “old rings again because they mean a lot to us”. In addition, the two continue to rave: “The day was simply indescribable. It was so nice to have all our loved ones with us that day.” From the wedding ceremony to the party, it was a “magical day”.

In April, Eko Fresh announced in an interview with spot on news that he would like to marry his wife again in August. “I couldn’t have dreamed of all that,” said the musician at the time. The rapper and his wife have a son together, who was born in 2016.


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