El Hijo: A Wild West Tale announced and dated on mobiles

HandyGames and Honig Studios had unveiled during theE3 2019 El Hijo: A Wild West Tale, a non-violent stealth game that follows a young boy in the Wild West. The title was first released on PC and Google Stadia at the end of 2020, then was entitled to a port on PS4, Xbox One and Switch last March.

And very soon, the game will be available on mobiles. The studios have just announced thatEl Hijo: A Wild West Tale is coming to iOS and Android on January 25, 2022, through theApp Store, the Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store, against €9.99. The publisher clarifies that there are no additional hidden payments to play, and the title is even compatible with gamepads and AppleTV.

Waiting to find El Hijo: A Wild West Tale on iOS and Android, you can check out a new trailer above and opt for maps Google Play prepaid on Amazon.

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