ela .: Singer is campaigning for culture in the Corona crisis

Singer is campaigning for culture in the Corona crisis

ela. the future of the event industry is important to us.

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Singer ela. tells how the corona crisis is troubling the culture industry and what is currently frustrating it.

Clubs, concert halls and halls are closed, the extension of the partial lockdown until January 10th is a great burden for all cultural workers. Also singer ela. (28) is affected. She recorded the new acoustic video for her song "Wenn Our Time Has Come" from her debut album "Liebe & Krieg" in an empty concert hall. With this she wants to "draw attention to the current situation in the event industry and especially with regard to culture", as she tells in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

At the end of the video you can see the writing "#alarmstuferot", which the events and culture industry is currently using as a call. "I wanted to support the alliance with this, because it is really important to me that the clubs in which I was allowed to perform regularly also exist after the corona crisis!" This is currently "but really on the edge." At a time of pandemic, it is very clear that we can not really do our job, "says ela .." However, I then also expect that our segment will be saved. "

"Of course there are currently some pillars," she continues. "But it's really frustrating when art and culture are always put on the back burner and you as an artist, organizer, musician, sound engineer, light man, etc. have to constantly explain to humanity that what you are doing , is a real job! After all, politics is perhaps the head of our society, but culture is the heart. "

Corona measures in the studio: "There is little or no creative exchange among each other"

Your biggest concern right now? "That small clubs, theaters, concert halls, etc. as well as small booking agencies break up due to the current situation and do not survive, so either have to close or are simply forced to file for bankruptcy." That would be "dramatic": "After all, it's a very important part of art and culture in our society."

The singer tells about the corona measures she is currently working under. "In the studio, where I used to feel every day, you now really think carefully about going there, because you don't want to endanger anyone and should forego social contacts." In all situations, keep your distance and observe the prescribed hygiene rules. "Everyone is constantly striving to keep everything, to pay attention to everything, to constantly ventilate, etc. and one is actually more distracted than focused. There is little or no creative exchange among each other and the being together of creative people and creativity takes place at a distance."

Nevertheless, she tries to write new songs with her teams via Skype or Zoom. Even that is not always so easy, "when the connection is not in time and you have to explain to the producers which sounds come when," says ela to make of the current situation: It's just a different kind of work. "

Online offers instead of concerts

Instead of playing concerts, ela. alternative concepts found. On Instagram, she strengthens the contact with the fans and supports them in the current situation with her music. The 28-year-old started a small wardrobe concert series. Since her tour had to be canceled in 2020, she played a song from her closet for every city she would have performed in. She spends the time before Christmas with her current project "#elasadventskalender". "It's a lot of fun," she says.

Despite the crisis, it's ela. already in the Christmas mood. "I'm really looking forward to my small family and I'm just grateful that I have my family," says the 28-year-old. Nevertheless, a lot is changing due to Corona: One of your Christmas traditions could not take place this year. "I grew up in Saarland and I still have a lot of friends there. We all gather for a mulled wine just before Christmas. This time it will probably take place via Facetime, but whatever. The main thing is that we see each other."