Elden Ring: a 1.06 update available, what’s new?

Still considered one of the best titles of the year, Elden Ring continues to be polished by its developers. The last major update dated back to early June, so it was time for FromSoftware to deploy a new patch containing its latest fixes and improvements.

The update 1.06 will thus facilitate cooperation by making it possible tosend summoning signs to distant and larger areas. It will now also allow to complete the quest of White Mask Varré without going through an invasion. These new features are summarized below, but the patch also balances the power of several weapons, reduces skill activation time QuickStep and the impact of Corpse Pileand fixes a bunch of bugs: you can find the changelog complete in english here.

  • Added the function to send summon signs to summon pools in multiple areas, including remote areas.
    • When sending a cooperative sign to remote areas with this function, summon pools in “Mohgwyn Palace” will be excluded
    • Added the function to invade larger area including remote areas

  • Added a new way to advance the White Mask Varré quest other than participating in a multiplayer invasion by defeating a new NPC.

Elden Ring is currently available from €63.99 on

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