Elden Ring: Boss memories, how and where to duplicate them?

By defeating the bossesElden Ringdeveloped by FromSoftware, players will get memories. These items can be exchanged for important rewards/powers (weapon, spell, etc.). However, in order to recover the two rewards, it is necessary, beforehand, tohaving duplicated the memory in question. So, in this dedicated guide, we explain where and how to duplicate the memories of the bosses, on Elden Ring.

The memories of the bosses on Elden Ring

How to duplicate memories?

Duplicate memories of bosses, on Elden Ring, is relatively easy to do. For this, you need to be interested in a very particular element, to be found in different regions of the Underworld. These are the traveling mausoleums. This infrastructure is quite impressive, as you will see from the image below. So you shouldn’t miss it.

As soon as you are faced with a walking mausoleum, take an interest in these legs. You will see small white clusters there, made up of small skulls. You must break them. To do this, use your weapon. Be careful when moving around the mausoleum, you could take damage if you get too close to the legs. After breaking several of these clusters, the walking mausoleum will no longer be able to walk.

At that time, you will be able to enter the mausoleum, through a door. Inside you will find a kind of altar. Interact with for duplicate the memory of your choice. Note, however, that it is not possible to duplicate only one memory to a traveling mausoleum. So, if you want to perform this manipulation for another memory, you have to find another mausoleum.


How do I get rewards related to memories from bosses?

As soon as you own the memory of a boss, or that you have duplicated it, you can collect said rewards. To do this, simply go to the Round Table Bastion and talk to Enia the Augur of the Fingers. Then choose the dialogue line “Get the power of memories” and select the memory, from which you want to obtain the items. Normally if you have duplicated the memory selected, you should be able to claim both rewards.


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