Elden Ring game news: bosses, new weapons and Realm of Shadows… All the new features of Shadow of the ErdTree

Game news Elden Ring: bosses, new weapons and Realm of Shadows… All the new features of Shadow of the ErdTree

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Shadow of the ErdTree, the Elden Ring DLC, arrives June 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. What do we know about what’s new in this additional content? Between an interview with its director and a quick analysis of the trailer, here’s what we learned.

The first trailer for Shadow of the ErdTree, the Elden Ring DLC, was released on Wednesday February 21 and seems to have received unanimous support in the video game sphere. It must be said that this is the first time that players can fully see what awaits them. with this additional content and some did not wait for its release to work on it. In fact, the video broadcast (to watch above) by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco displays three rich minutes to analyze. But we can already see certain new features confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Elden Ring and its DLC, during his interview with JV.

New ways to fight

If some are already very enthusiastic at the idea of ​​delving into a completely new piece of Elden Ring history, others are probably trembling at the idea of ​​making the new bosses imagined by the FromSoftware teams bite the dust. To do this, players will then be able to count on eight new categories of weapons. Three of them were confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki during our interview:

There’s hand-to-hand combat, double-bladed dueling shields and throwing knives. Lots of things for players to try.

Without a doubt, we can also count on the addition of weapons to already existing categories as well as the integration of a new school of magic: the one with pink tones that we can see several times in the trailer. Although it is not officially known what it is linked to, some suggest that it is linked to Miquella and that it is the magic of sleep.

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The Kingdom of Shadows

Without a doubt, all this new arsenal will be put to use in the new zones brought by Shadow of the ErdTree. We know, from a more than reliable source since confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, that the DLC takes place in the Shadow Realm (pending official translation). You enter by touching Miquella’s withered arm, located behind Mohg in the Mohgwynn palace. If we don’t know concretely what the player is going to do there, we still know more about its context:

The Shadow of the ErdTree refers to the twisted tree seen in the first revealed image. The shadow tree (literally translated here as Shadow Tree) is the symbol of the Kingdom of Shadows in the same way that the World Tree is the symbol of Between-Earth. It is therefore, both figuratively and literally, the shadow of the World Tree. There are other meanings but we hope that players will play the DLC to understand and appreciate them.

Statements which can very clearly be subject to many interpretations, especially since Miyazaki recalled this opposition several times during our interview, this duality between the Inter-Earth that the player explored in Elden Ring and what awaits him in Shadow of the ErdTree. We are not going to go into details since there is a lot to say and another article on this subject is in preparation.

This Kingdom of Shadows is a distinct zone from the Inter-Earth since the player will teleport there but therefore remains in fact not that different from the zone of the initial game. This time, it’s our colleagues from IGN who report important information on the DLC and around its Shadow Realm:

It’s hard to answer without saying too much and being too specific, but if you think in terms of scale or size, it’s probably comparable, if not larger, than the Necrolimbus region in the base game.

New bosses, no doubt

A land of “game” capable of bringing to the forefront the brand new arsenal (whether linked to unarmed combat or magic for example) acquired by the player. In fact, it is still IGN which reports that the Kingdom of Shadows will have its heritage dungeons, large and small, a new poisonous swamp but also its share of bosses. We can see in the trailer a kind of giant flaming wicker basket; a Forsaken (the race of Morgott and Mohg, recognizable by its horns) who looks like a Japanese puppet; or Mesmer. The latter is already the subject of numerous theories within the community around its origin but must undoubtedly constitute a major battle in the DLC. And if that wasn’t enough, Miyazaki says the following:

We have prepared bosses with the same state of mind within the DLC zone, bosses (more than ten he specifies, editor’s note) which will challenge the player and which, I hope, will be as memorable as Malenia was.

Finally, when asked about the role of Miquella in Shadow of the ErdTree, the director took the opportunity to recall something important. The kingdom of shadows displays, paradoxically, its share of light. If the player was guided by grace in Elden Ring, this time they will follow in Miquella’s footsteps.

Yes, Miquella is a key character (…) The other characters in the trailer follow in her footsteps.

While there will undoubtedly be many enemies on his path, it is also an opportunity for him to make new friendly encounters. See you on June 21, release date of Shadow of the ErdTree, on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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