Elden Ring rival may disappoint on one point

The lifespan of Lords of the Fallen has just been revealed. The title looks very different from Elden Ring, which could disappoint some Souls-like fans.

Lords of the Fallen seems to have the qualities to place itself among the best Souls-like on the market. The title released in 2014 had not been a great success, but this reboot led by the studio Hexworks (subsidiary of CI Games) promises a lot. The various trailers of the game have made the mouths of many fans of the genre, who are now waiting for a memorable adventure. The lifespan of Lords of the Fallen, which has just been revealed, could still make some disappointed.

How long will Lords of the Fallen last?

If Elden Ring marked the players, it is also thanks to its gargantuan lifespan. Even if the title ultimately had few mandatory bosses, its huge side areas and their plethora of tough opponents could extend our epic for 80 hours or more. Even though the game doesn’t directly seek to compete with FromSoftware’s game, it will still take a little while to complete.

In an interview with the media MP1st, Saul Gascon, the executive producer of the Hexworks studio, revealed that a new player should take about 30 hours to complete the adventure. ” There are different endings. You have three different endings depending on which factions you’re helping, so that’s one of the replay values “. Creative Director Cezar Virtosu explains that it takes approximately an hour and a half to complete the first zone tutorial and get used to the mechanics of Lords of the Fallen.

Beautiful promises concerning the new game +

A lifespan of 30 hours is correct without being exceptional for a Souls-like. But that’s not everything in a game of its kind and fans know it well. Replayability matters a lot too. That’s good, since the developers assure that the New Game + of Lords of the Fallen will surprise the players. Saul Gascon also adds that during a new game, the adventure will only have one Ancient Vestige.

Indeed, in Lords of the Fallen, the Vestiges are the equivalent of campfires in Dark Souls. There are permanent Vestiges (the old ones, therefore) and those that the player will have to generate himself using the appropriate object. It will therefore be necessary to master the gameplay and know the areas of the game very well before embarking on the NG+, which promises to be particularly full-bodied. We also imagine that the enemies will be much stronger when we restart a game after completing the adventure for the first time. Remember that the title that will run on Unreal Engine 5 will be released on October 13 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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