Elden Ring: Surprise update is coming this week with the addition of the Colosseum and PvP modes

It was expected that bandai namco and FromSoftware reserve an announcement for the Game Awards, with potential DLC that has already been datamined, but both companies have decided to surprise us today. Not with a real extension, as some may hope, but with a major free update, which adds access to the famous and mysterious coliseums that can be seen in the Underworld.

Compete as a team in the Colosseums

Remember, as soon as the title was released, everyone was wondering why it was impossible to enter these buildings, which were very imposing. Dataminers had then found some details about these places, which looked like large arenas filled with monsters to fight. We now have the end of this story. The Coliseums of Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell will therefore open their doors tomorrow, December 7, in a free update for Elden Ring.

As one might suspect, these arenas will allow you to indulge in PvP, but not just anyhow. Apart from the traditional duels, it will also be possible to make summons fight, enough to make beautiful Pokémon fights, but also to perform PvP matches in teams. A great addition that promises to give a new dimension to the multiplayer side of the title, while being one more argument in its favor to make it the best game of this year 2022 (completely impartial opinion, of course).

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