Election campaign in the Czech Republic: Babis supporters and opponents attack each other

Election campaign in the Czech Republic
Babis followers and opponents attack each other

Andrej Babis is one of the richest people in the Czech Republic, and he would like to be the most powerful again. The former prime minister is running for the presidential elections and is currently touring the country. His performance polarized so much that one of his performances resulted in fisticuffs.

According to media reports, there was a scuffle between supporters and opponents of the liberal-populist politician at an election campaign event for Czech ex-Prime Minister Andrej Babis. show that photos and videos the rally in Aussig on the Elbe (Usti nad Labem). Babis critics called on the founder and party leader of the “Alliance of Dissatisfied Citizens” ANO to withdraw from politics on banners or called him a “gravedigger of democracy”. Others blew whistles to prevent the billionaire’s speech from being understood.

ANO supporters snatched banners from opponents and attacked them. According to the news portal “”, an employee of an ANO member of parliament was also involved. This regretted the behavior of their employee as “unacceptable” to the portal and announced the consequences.

The presidential election is in January 2023. Babis has been traveling through the Czech Republic in a mobile home for months, and he has been bumped into several times. In some places, the police received criticism for taking too rough action against demonstrators. According to polls, Babis is the favorite for the presidential election, although he has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

The Slovakian entrepreneur was initially finance minister, but was dismissed in 2017 on suspicion of tax fraud and media influence. In 2017 he won the parliamentary elections with ANO and was Prime Minister of the Czech Republic until 2021. The allegations of fraud against him continue. EU institutions suspect Babis of having received unjustified funding for his group of companies. His name also appeared in the Pandora Papers in connection with several shell companies. His fortune is estimated by Forbes at $4.4 billion.

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