Elections in the canton of Zug – will the left manage to break up the purely bourgeois government? – News

  • In the Zug government council elections on October 2, ten candidates are vying for one of the seven seats.
  • Of the incumbent members, only Beat Villiger (centre) is no longer standing – after four legislatures he has announced his resignation.
  • This means that in the canton of Zug, four new candidates are up for election in addition to the six previous ones.

The incumbent members Heinz Tännler (SVP), Stephan Schleiss (SVP), Martin Pfister (middle), Silvia Thalmann (middle), Florian Weber (FDP) and Andreas Hostettler (FDP) start the election Sunday under good signs: None of them are caught the eye with gross political blunders over the past four years. Your electoral chances are therefore quite intact.

These former ones want to defend their seat in the government

Only the seventh seat of government is really contested – the one that will become vacant because Beat Villiger, who has been a central government councilor for many years and director of security, is no longer standing. And so it is also possible that the government, which has been purely conservative for four years, will be reassembled after this election day in terms of party politics.

The center wants to defend Villiger’s seat with Laura Dittli. Although the lawyer is still very young at 31, she has been involved in cantonal politics for a long time: she has been a member of the cantonal parliament for eight years and has chaired the Zuger Mitte party for three years. Although she is a well-supported government candidate, the fact that the center can hold her third seat of government is not set in stone – measured by the share of voters, she is only marginally stronger than the other two conservative parties, the FDP and SVP.

Left-green wants to snatch a seat from the middle

There is also pressure from the left-green camp. This also represents around a quarter of the voters, but has not been represented in the government since 2018. SP and the Alternative – the Greens (ALG) are therefore jointly attacking: their candidate, the 52-year-old ALG cantonal councilor Tabea Zimmermann, is to bring back the seat of government that the left lost to the center in the last elections.

These candidates want to join the Zug government

The Green Liberals are also in the race for a seat in the government with 29-year-old auditor Tabea Estermann. So far, she has made little political appearance – just like Adi Hadodo, the fourth candidate who wants to join the Zug government: He is standing for “Aufrecht Zug”, a movement that arose from resistance to the Corona measures of the government covenant was created.

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