Electric automobile: it is the largest charging station in the world and it is…

Stéphane Ficca

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September 25, 2023 at 1:10 p.m.


Shell © © Shell

© Shell

Near Shenzhen airport, China, the Shell company has just installed a gigantic electric charging station.

For many motorists, in addition to range, charging constitutes one of the key factors regarding the possible adoption (or not) of a 100% electric vehicle. In France, despite some delays, a new threshold of terminals has been crossed and dedicated infrastructures are multiplying on the main roads as elsewhere. In China, Shell has just inaugurated a new dedicated station, in collaboration with BYD.

Shell and BYD hand in hand in Shenzhen

Located near Shenzhen airport, this new charging station is enough to arouse the jealousy of some, since it has no less than… 258 fast charging points! The company indicates that during its test phase, the station saw no fewer than 3,300 electric vehicles pass through each day.

The vast station is also equipped with numerous solar panels, capable of generating 300,000 kWh each year, which are obviously used directly to recharge vehicles.

István Kapitány, Shell Global Executive Vice President for Mobility, explains: “ The opening of this new site is part of our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our customers in China. China is one of the most important growth markets for Shell Mobility, and we look forward to bringing delightful mobility experiences to more customers in China in the future “.

At the same time, to allow them to wait in the best conditions, Shell offers various convenience options to users, with a Shell Café and a space dedicated to relaxation.

Source : Electrive

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