Electric car: 1.2 million units sold in Europe in 2021

Despite the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis, 2021 has been a rather prolific year for the electrified vehicle sector. Thus, 1.2 million electric vehicles were sold in Europe and 1.02 million rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

Forced march or not, the electrified vehicle sector continues to break sales records, particularly in Western Europe with 2.2 million vehicles sold (electric + rechargeable hybrid). Thus, according to Schmidt Automotive Research, an analysis firm specializing in the automotive field, the year 2021 was particularly prolific with 1.119 million electric vehicles sold, an increase of 64% compared to the year 2020.

The last quarter of 2021 was particularly “selling” with 400,000 units, or 17% of the total European passenger car market. By way of comparison, in 2020, some 320,000 electric cars had passed in the fourth quarter. Thus, in December 2021, one in five new cars (i.e. 20%) was 100% electric. In 2021, registrations of new electric vehicles represented 11.2% of sales in the 18 main European markets, compared to 6.7% in 2020.

Alongside 100% electric cars, let’s not forget plug-in hybrid vehicles – or plugin in English – whose sales were 1.02 million, or 1/5th of new car sales, all engines combined.

While Norway is in the lead in this area with a 65% market share, the other main country in Europe is Germany (13.6%), while France is below 10% ( 9.8%).

Regarding 2022, Schmidt Automotive Research forecasts a slower growth rate with 1.54 million units – out of a total market estimated at 12.2 million units – or 29% more than in 2021.

Two reasons for this growth. The first is to the credit of Tesla and its Gigafactory in Berlin, which will be a priori in service. The second reason would come from European regulations and reductions in CO2 emissions. Indeed, car manufacturers will have to produce more electrified vehicles in order to avoid paying heavy fines.

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