Electric cars are a hit in Europe and will dominate sales by 2025

Misitia Ravaloson

January 14, 2022 at 08:00


Electric cars

A new study reveals that sales of electric cars could double in 2022 and reach 50% market share in 2025.

2021 was already a great year for electric cars. Sales figures published by most car manufacturers show annual growth exceeding 100%. However, electric cars still only represent a very small share of overall car sales. Maybe not for long….

An explosion of sales in 2022, and beyond!

This new study by energy consultants low carbon ofElement Energy and reported by BusinessGreen estimates that the sale of electric cars could double in 2022. That’s not all, it should reach 50% market share by 2025, putting electric cars ahead of ICE vehicles.

This explosion in sales would be due to increasingly strict regulations on CO emissions.2
and the gradual reduction in the purchase price of these vehicles.

The study ofElement Energy, conducted among 14,000 new car buyers, confirmed that the cost of the product is often the most important factor for consumers when they plan to buy a new vehicle.

Towards an all-electric future?

Also according to this report, the transition to electric cars would be “ inevitable in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Many automakers even promise to go fully electric by 2030.

This year alone, 30 new models of electric vehicles should land around the world. The study further predicts that all car sales will be electric by 2035, and their prices will catch up with those of conventional cars by 2028.

That said, there is still work to be done. Even if automakers stop producing gasoline and diesel vehicles between 2030 and 2035, they won’t disappear from the roads immediately. The share of electric cars must exceed 50% for us to see a real effect. However, the figures announced are encouraging!

Electric cars: the new models expected in 2022

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