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Epic Games offers players the opportunity to become real entrepreneurs in its Store, but with a slightly special business. From May 9 to 16, Electric Circus comes to propose a proper massacre on the EGS. Londoners have gone mad, but circus artists can be their liberators. If their director pushes them in the right direction.

In this fictional London, the Electric Circus is the only line of defense to confront citizens who have lost their minds. While they try as best they can to undo this evil, new artists will strengthen their ranks. Fire eaters, strong men, escape kings and even clowns will use their knowledge against these creatures. Their only goal is to save the city, whatever the cost.

In this strategy RPG developed by Zen Studios, each artist has a range of skills that will be used in combat. In teams of 5, they will face danger outside the circus to try to get the city back on its feet. But between two releases, we will also have to take care of finding new recruits, training the artists, and doing what is necessary to ensure that everything goes well and that their skills evolve.

Characteristics of
Electric Circus

DeveloperZen Studios
EditorSaber Interactive
Release date FranceSeptember 6, 2022
GenderRole-playing, Strategy, Indie
WebsiteOfficial site
PlatformsSteam | Epic Games Store | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox One | Xbox Series | Nintendo Switch
Languages ​​availableEnglish | French (text only)

How to download the free game?

To download the game, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is go to the Epic Games launcher (downloadable right here)and go to the page “
Shop » to see the free games this week. Then choose the game you want, and click on the “ Get » to place an order.

All you have to do is go to the games library, and select the game obtained to install it! You can also claim your game directly from the site by logging into your account. However, you will not be able to install and download it without the Epic Games launcher.

  1. Download the Epic Games launcher
  2. Go to the free game page in the store
  3. Click on “Get”
  4. Go to the Epic Games launcher game library
  5. Install the game

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