Electricity too expensive, tax credits to claim… The 3 news of the day for your money

The importance of choosing the right life insurance contract, an explanation of the high prices of electricity despite the drop on the wholesale market, a reminder to claim your tax credits… Here are the 3 unmissable pieces of information from this Tuesday, April 16.

Life insurance: choosing your first contract wisely

Life insurance, a crucial savings tool for many French people. With a third of French people’s savings placed in this support, choosing the right contract from the start is essential. As the market offers hundreds of options, experts recommend considering long-term goals while keeping an eye on the fees and returns offered by different contracts. Single-holder life insurance can be a secure option, while multi-holder life insurance offers more flexibility but with potentially higher risk. Everything you need to know to choose your first contract.

Life insurance: comparison of 2024 offers

Why the price of electricity is not falling

Despite a significant drop in costs in the wholesale market, consumers are not seeing these reductions reflected in their electricity bills. This is mainly due to the structure of regulated tariffs, which adjust prices only twice a year, and which are calculated on the basis of energy costs from previous years. Hence the importance of comparing the available offers to potentially find more competitive prices. We will explain everything to you.

energy: do you know these special offers that allow you to save on your bill?

Don’t forget the tax credits!

Tax credits allow you to recover a significant portion of the costs incurred for services such as childcare or elderly care. In 2023, more than 8 million households will have benefited from it, for an amount of 1046 euros on average. Depending on your household expenses and provided, of course, that you declare them correctly, here is how much you can hope to recover.

Income tax: are you paying more than average?

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