Electricity: VSEs will not pay “no more than 280 euros / MWh on average” in 2023, announces Bruno Le Maire

This threshold was set this Friday afternoon, during a meeting between the government and energy suppliers. 600,000 very small businesses will be able to benefit from the new guaranteed rate.

Faced with the anger of many craftsmen, the government is specifying its flagship measure announced Thursday by the Head of State to reduce the energy bill of VSEs. The guaranteed tariff for electricity supply contracts is now set at “280 euros per megawatt hour on average in 2023“, announced the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

This level, which should benefit 600,000 VSEs, was set this Friday afternoon during a meeting in Bercy between energy companies and the government. This system thus completes the tariff shield from which 1.5 million French VSEs benefit.

To benefit from the new guaranteed rate,VSEs must report to their suppliers as soon as possible by sending back a certificate that they should receive by email, by post or findon the tax site, mentioned the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The threshold will also apply to invoices “from January 1 to December 31, 2023 for contracts signed in the second half of 2022, and without retroactivityadded Bruno Le Maire.

This operation aims to simplify the implementation of the guaranteed rate and avoid a “renegotiation contract by contract“, justified the Minister of the Economy. A change of speech on the part of the government when Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday that all craftsmen and very small businesses (TPE, less than ten employees) could renegotiate the “excessive contracts» electricity supply. The Minister responsible for SMEs, Olivia Grégoire, then conceded that “some small energy companies may have difficulty» for sale at a price below the planned threshold.

There is also another weapon that we have left and Bruno Le Maire has already told the energy suppliers: either they align themselves with what we said“, that is “we have one weapon left, it’s taxation“, with the possibility of a “amending finance bill (PLFR) where we will increase taxes on energy companies“, threatened the minister.

A directive heard by suppliers

Some electricity suppliers, such as TotalEnergies, already seemed “ ready to undertake price revisions » for VSEs. “Aware of the major impact of electricity prices on the economic activity of VSEs and in the name of national solidarity, TotalEnergies Electricity and Gaz France want to mobilize to help them face the difficulties caused by this unprecedented energy crisis.“, indicated the supplier in a press release.

The VSEs concerned which request it will benefit from these new tariffs with retroactive effect from the date of application of the contracts, specified TotalEnergies, which sells electricity to 5.7 million sites. The group added that it will publish on Monday “an update of its Horizon Electricity rate schedule that will take into account the recent drop in electricity prices“.

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