Electronic Arts and Level Infinite announce Command & Conquer: Legions on iOS and Android


It is however in this format that Command & Conquer: Legions will be released at the end of the year thanks to a licensing agreement between Electronic Arts and Level Infinite, the international label under which Tencent brings together a good part of its many conquests. . ” Legions was created with platforms and mobile gamers in mind, adapting to the way people play on their devices with shorter, faster sessions and simplified controls. Mobile strategy game Legions offers a new kind of experience while featuring units, heroes and familiar aspects of previous C&C games commented Anthony Crouts, Marketing Director at Level Infinite.

Legacy of Kane

A sort of best of menu of the Westwood Studios franchise applied to mobile game habits, therefore, not to mention the economic model which as usual is not detailed here, but whose contours we should be able to identify before the release of the game through a closed beta test that will take place before the end of the month on Android devices in France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines. The game will then be launched worldwide at the end of the year on iOS and Android.

As tradition dictates, GDI and NOD will battle for control of Tiberium, a powerful resource from the stars that proves as useful for technological advancement as it is for unleashing destruction on the opposing faction, the two things are often linked. ” On a large map shared with other commanders around the world, players will be able to form strategic alliances and thus coordinate their attacks with their allies, share their resources and strategize to thwart enemy plans we are told.

The official site of the game developed by YoRHa Studios is already online and presents you the story of the game (which actually talks about an alliance between the GDI and the NOD against an even more threatening enemy) and the biography of some officers, while hinting at a mech customization feature that will be unveiled later.


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