Electronic Arts restructures by separating EA Entertainment and EA Sports

A newly created label to designate everything that does not fit into the sports box, EA Entertainment will be managed by Laura Miele, whose role will be to supervise the studios concerned (in particular DICE, BioWare, Motive, Maxis or Respawn Entertainment) and to direct central technology and development services. A ” crucial role in driving the company’s transformational growth for the one who has already proven herself as director of EA studios since 2018.

This organizational change does not affect the rise of Vince Zampella. Simple boss of Respawn during the integration of the studio by EA in 2017, the former spawn of Call of Duty is now in charge of the Apex Legends, Star Wars and Battlefield franchises, just that. Samantha Ryan remains responsible for Maxis projects and single-player experiences in general, while Jeff Karp will continue to lead mobile games, which will take up more and more space at EA.

EA Sports, a company in its own right

The main consequence of this organizational change is therefore the new autonomy gained by the EA Sports clan, which has become even more important since the integration of Codemasters. Here again, you don’t change a winning team: Cam Weber remains president of EA Sports, a title he has held since September 2016. The new autonomy of EA Sports comes at the pivotal moment of the end of the partnership with FIFA. and the start of the EA Sports FC era, a title that will be unveiled in July.

After nine years of good and loyal service, this restructuring sounds on the other hand the retirement of Chris Bruzzo at the end of the month. The one who was in charge of “positive play”, inclusion and accessibility, gives way to David Tinson. As CFO, Chris Suh, on the other hand, only stayed a little over a year and chose to go to Visa to occupy the same position. To replace him, the new accomplice of Andrew Wilson is called Stuart Canfield, rewarded for his loyalty after having climbed the ladder of strategy and finance at EA for more than 20 years.

Today, we need to empower our creative teams to achieve our strategic vision “, declares Andrew Wilson, who of course remains the big boss dominating both EA Entertainment and EA Sports. ” This evolution of our business will give our studio leaders more creative power and financial responsibility so they can make faster, more informed decisions about development and go-to-market strategies. “, he explains.

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