Electronic Arts to lay off nearly 800 employees

In a message to employees relayed by the Games Industry site, CEO Andrew Wilson justifies this restructuring plan by redirecting its efforts towards growth opportunities as well as by optimizing its real estate portfolio. It is unclear which departments and teams are most directly affected by these layoffs. ” As we strive to better focus our portfolio, we will exit projects that no longer fit our strategy, re-examine our real estate footprint and restructure some of our teams said Andrew Wilson.

“A society is like a hot air balloon”

As for the group’s strategic priorities, the leader presents them as follows: make games with large communities », « make the most of these communities through social and creative tools ” And ” create interactive stories in blockbuster form “, which does not seem very different from what the publisher is already doing, he who has rediscovered the taste for large solo productions (Dead Space, Star Wars, Dragon Age, Mass Effect) in addition to its essential community service games (Apex Legends, FIFA, Madden, Battlefield).

Electronic Arts will arrange to relocate some employees to other projects when possible, but others will need to pack their bags with their severance packages. In a form registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, EA notes that this restructuring plan, which should be completed by the end of September, should cost it between 170 and 200 million dollars. Earlier this year, Electronic Arts also parted ways with some 200 Apex Legends QA testers. Conversely, the group also recently announced the formation of a third Respawn Entertainment studio to supply its online game ever more effectively.

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