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After the excesses of the holidays, there’s nothing like a good detox cure to find the line, curb on foods that are too fatty and restore tone to your body.

2023 has arrived and with it, a lot of good resolutions for many of us. No more endless holiday meals high in fat and alcoholic beverages. A time when you want to have fun while trying somehow to pay attention to excess. So much so that some do not hesitate to adopt a special diet between meals Christmas and New Year’s Day to limit holiday excesses. And to help your body during this period rich in fat, a list of a few healthy ingredients can sometimes suffice, such as black radish, which has become one of the stars of detox cures this winter due to its many benefits and its low calorie intake.

Before starting your treatment, you should ask yourself the right questions. Why do a detox? In other words, what is the goal sought during this period because it is first necessary to distinguish the detox cure and the slimming diet. Indeed, the objective of the detox cure is to allow the body to breathe and recharge after a period of excess. In other words, it is a question of limiting the fat intake for the liver and carrying out drainage of the kidneys.

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What foods to favor during a detox?

To purge your body, you should first seek advice from your doctor or nutritionist if the idea of ​​a detox cure seems suitable for your needs. After which, it is necessary to identify the foods to be favored during this period to help the body regain tone after the excesses. Unsurprisingly, fresh fruits and vegetables are at the top of the list of ingredients to put in priority in your basket for a healthier diet. Indeed, whether it is citrus fruit, black radish, artichoke, cabbage or even leek, these seasonal foods will guarantee an important intake of vitamins, fibers and nutrients.

Nothing better to replenish the body and the liver saturated with fatty acids. Favoring infusions and lemon juice is also a good way to help the body purge itself while being a source of hydration. Adding legumes such as lentils or peas to your menu is also a way to optimize your detox cure by combining them with cereals for example. Cabbage obviously remains one of the stars of winter for its diuretic and detoxifying properties as well as its low calorie intake. Finally, consuming fish, lean or fatty, is also recommended for its omega-3 intake.​​​​​​​

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