Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl: That’s why they’re not celebrating their anniversary

Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl
That’s why they don’t celebrate their anniversary

Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl at the SKL Million Event in Dresden


The actors Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl have been a couple for 15 years. In an interview, they explain why they are not celebrating their anniversary.

The two actors Elena Uhlig (46) and Fritz Karl (53) have been a couple for 15 years and they have four children together. On the sidelines of the SKL Millions Event in Dresden, they spoke in an interview about personal moments of happiness, how they separate private and professional life – and about what they would do with a million profit.

Karl has been in front of the camera since 1989, Uhlig since 2001. They were first seen together in a production in 2009 in the TV film “Suddenly Uncle”. Will the audience see that again soon? There are currently no joint projects, “but you can see us together on Instagram“, so Uhlig. Together, the two shoot funny videos for social media, among other things. In addition to acting, Uhlig is also an influencer, comedian and author. Twice a week she broadcasts a talk format live from the on Instagram under the title” Uhlig’s Stilles Örtchen ” Nevertheless, there is still time for togetherness: “You have to take it, work it out, fight for it,” the two agree.

Your own anniversary, on the other hand, has always played a subordinate role. “We never celebrated it,” admits Karl, and Uhlig explains why: “We forget it.” The two of them keep their love fresh with a sense of humor – and Uhlig gives a taste of it right away: “Our love is no longer fresh, rather stale. But that’s not bad, it’s like being with an Asbach very old who gets older with age better.”

What is luxury for the actor couple?

At the SKL Million Event, the two of them helped Denny Wanner to win. The freshly baked family man was one of the 20 candidates for the event in Dresden, whom Karl and Uhlig stood by as lucky sponsors. The Swabian has modest wishes for a new millionaire: he would like to use the money to travel to Norway; not in luxury hotels, but “preferably in a camper with a roof tent”. In addition, he would like to treat himself and his wife to a big wedding celebration – so far they had only married civilly.

It looks different with Uhlig and Karl. Uhlig admits: “I’ll go shopping right away.” And Karl? “I’ll put it on, I’m very conservative.” According to their own statements, however, the two do not need any money to be happy. For her, luxury is above all independence; her own happiness is primarily about family. And apparently humor. Because when asked about the most beautiful day in their life together, Karl replies that it was the birth of their daughter Hedda. And Uhlig counters with a laugh: “Because you knew it was the last!”


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