Elie Semoun as a couple, his confidences about his love life: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Father of a son named Antoine, Elie Semoun led his life as a parent as best he could. A fulfilled actor, this artist, who also tried his hand at singing, raised his son as best he could, not without some regrets. Born prematurely from his relationship with Annie Florence Jeannesson, his son was later diagnosed with Asperger’s autism. “I was even in denial for a long time”recognized the artist on Sunday March 31, 2024, in the columns of the Sunday Tribune. This denial was particularly illustrated in his choices for his education. Elie Semoun did not want his son to leave the general national education curriculum to integrate a structure more specific to his needs. I was wrong, because he had a different vision of life than his comrades, he admitted. Finally, Antoine found his way into painting and seems very happy. Something to make his father proud: “Antoine has incredible talent and is my greatest pride.”

As for his sentimental life, after years of celibacy, Elie Semoun is also very fulfilled there. During an interview given to Purepeople, as part of the show In Private with…, Sunday April 14, 2024, the comedian made his relationship official. There is no longer a heart to be taken! “I’m not looking for love, I found it”, he rejoiced. However, he does not forget the hardened singles he was a part of at times in his life: “But think of those who are alone, think of Mikeline, who is a die-hard single. And for her, I only have one thing to say to you: thank you.”

Elie Semoun is done with virtual exchanges

Present on Instagram, Elie Semoun has always received female requests in private messages. “Of course, obviously. When I was single I answered. Now I no longer answer what, that’s it.” But he never seems to have really taken pleasure in seduce by interposed messages : “It blocks me a little because I don’t know who is writing to me, I don’t know if it’s a joke, I don’t know if it’s a set-up. I’m not very paranoid but deep down , quickly, I prefer reality to virtual. There’s so much spoofing on the Internet, and then it’s all fake.” For the actor, known in particular for his Offersmeetings on social networks ultimately have nothing truly attractive…”I hope it’s a human being who writes but you can say anything, you can pretend to be anyone… so it’s not great.”

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