Elizabeth Teissier recounts her meetings with Mitterrand and Chirac

ATn the early 2000s, Élizabeth Teissier had created a nice scandal by revealing the recorded cassettes of her conversations with François Mitterrand… The astrologer wanted to put an end to the rumors claiming that she was fantasizing about her regular appointments with the chef of State. And in fact, we discovered with surprise that the President of the Republic had questioned her on several subjects, including the putsch in Moscow in 1991 or the ideal date for the referendum on the Maastricht Treaty…

In a video interview given to the site of Entertainment TV, she once again returned to this curious relationship forged with the socialist president during his second term, when he was particularly weakened by illness. “Oh! my dear Scorpion François Mitterrand!, she remembered with nostalgia. He consulted me for five or six years, between 1989 and 1996, until his death… As a good Scorpion, he asked me: when am I going to die? And that is terrible. I had a hypothesis, but I never answered him. We must never say it: we are not God the father, we are never sure, and what is the point? “ she confided in the show At Jordan’s.

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“How is France? »

If François Mitterrand wanted to meet her, it was following his annual predictions for the year 1989, when the astrologer had announced large crowd movements in the streets around November 10, “as under the French revolution”. – it will be the famous fall of the Berlin Wall. From then on, Elizabeth Teissier entered the Élysée, where the president greeted her by regularly asking the same question: “How am I? And how is France? He is as interested in astrology as in the astrologer – who has always claimed to have rejected her advances – and consults her on subjects as diverse as the Gulf War, his daughter Mazarine, his own death, or yet the ideal dates for his official meetings or his speeches to the French…

“I did hundreds of analyzes and I worked for glory, for France! she summed up in her own way in an interview with the magazine Charlesin 2016. “One day when we were walking in the gardens of the Élysée, he said to me mischievously: You’ll do a book about me, I know, and get paid in royalties. What was done in 1997 with Under the sign of Mitterrandseven years of interviews, editions n°1.

Mitterrand was not the only head of state to be interested in Elizabeth Tessier. In his latest book, Cassandra’s Memoirs (ed. Trédaniel), we learn that she also advised the King of Spain Juan Carlos, by providing him with her astrological analyzes at the beginning of each year for his birthday, and this for about forty years… had Chirac too, she remembers for Entertainment TV. A Sagittarius who liked me. When he came to Geneva, he called me to come and see me. He asked me what all people ask: how will things continue… At the time, he was in rivalry with Balladur, and he asked me questions about this opposition with him. On the other hand, once at the Élysée, the new President of the Republic will do without the help of the stars…

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