Elodie Fontan cannon in a bikini: vacation in Djerba with another actor, Philippe Lacheau reacts

On the abandoned beach, shells and crustaceans…” : this song, Elodie Fontan could have hummed it with her companion, the director Philippe Lacheau, and their little Raphaël, 2 and a half years old, if she had left with the two men in her life. But instead of offering a parenthesis of rest and sun with the family, Elodie Fontan preferred to choose someone else! And it is with a very good friend of the couple that the actress decided to spend a little vacation under the sun of the island of Djerba in Tunisia.

Far from her family, Elodie Fontan therefore enjoys a little rest in the company of … Medi Sadoun! The actor, seen in and What have we done to God in particular, agreed to be accompanied by her fake sister-in-law, Laura Verneuil (character she plays in the comedies of Philippe de Chauveron) for this escapade. On the program: idleness, beaches, meeting locals and water sports sessions between two sunbathing sessions. A hard planning in perspective of which they revealed some pictures on Instagram.

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