Élodie Gossuin reveals an ultra-romantic photo to celebrate her lead wedding: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Elodie Gossuin is extremely proud of the family she has built. At 39, Miss France 2001 is at the head of a beautiful tribe of four children born from her love for her husband the model Bertrand Lacherie. Very in love with the one she married in the Saint-Jacques de Compiègne church on July 1, 2006, Élodie Gossuin wanted to properly celebrate their lead wedding anniversary by revealing a touching snapshot of their marriage on Instagram. In the photo, the two newlyweds smile to the fullest, glad I said yes for life a few moments earlier.

A sublime statement

A memory that the former beauty queen wanted to accompany with a beautiful declaration of love for her man. "Happy wedding anniversary. So lucky and so proud to have been your wife for 14 years. (Succeeding in not farting with me for so many years = eternal respect!) ", she wrote with humor before signing: "Your best friend, your mistress, your confidante, your twin of delusions and especially the mother of your 4 children. I love you". A sublime message that has melted the more than 400,000 subscribers of the young mother.

A united couple

Elodie Gossuin and Bertrand Lacherie make a great team and take turns taking care of their two pairs of twins Rose, Joséphine, Léonard and Jules. Thanks to their well-established organization, both can devote themselves to their professional careers, which allowed Élodie Gossuin to realize her dreams.

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