Elon Musk announces he will pay legal fees for users ‘unfairly treated’ for their tweets

Have you been laid off, or even dismissed outright, because of a controversial tweet on X (ex-Twitter) or a like that would have greatly displeased your hierarchy? Know that Elon Musk said he was ready to come to your rescue. On the social network he runs, the American billionaire announced that he wanted to finance the legal costs of all users “unfairly treated” by their employers because of their behavior on the platform. An initiative that is fully in line with the fight led by Elon Musk for greater freedom of expression online.

The founder of SpaceX and boss of Tesla promises “unlimited” help and invites those concerned to report on X. A proposal that obviously did not fall on deaf ears. In response to Elon Musk’s tweet, some did not hesitate to state their case, thus claiming the promised boost.

“Who should I contact for more details?”

In particular a certain Friedrich Purner. This German epidemiologist evokes a dismissal due to a refusal to delete his Twitter account as requested by his employer. The practitioner would have been demoted in the hierarchy before being thanked. “The legal proceedings are still in progress”, he specifies before directly questioning Elon Musk: “How does it work, if you want more details?”. This doctor was however known across the Rhine for controversial positions that were not only expressed on Twitter.

Another case, that of Dr. Simon Goddek, a biotechnology specialist, was seen more than 370,000 times on the network. I was fired for ‘exceeding my right to free speech’. Being critical of Covid and confronting those who discriminate against the unvaccinated with their OWN tweets is not a crime. Who should I contact for more details?” he asks.

Many questions remain unanswered

This most outlandish initiative naturally raises a multitude of questions. With, in the first place, this vagueness surrounding the denomination “unfairly treated”. Selecting the cases eligible for reimbursement of legal costs could be a headache. Not to mention the still very delicate financial situation of the platform, by the admission of Elon Musk. The latter recognized, a few weeks ago, that the cash flow was still negative and that the network had seen its advertising revenues halve.

To try to remedy this, Elon Musk had promised certain users of Twitter Blue (the paid version of the social network) remuneration according to the success of their tweets. What convince a greater number of users and thus clean up the finances of X? Only Elon Musk knows the answer.

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