Elon Musk invades everyone’s Twitter feed, users can’t take it anymore

Elon Musk’s dementors had a very bad time this morning on Twitter. Indeed, the billionaire appeared so suddenly and insistently in the news feed of users. A few days earlier, the latter complaining to his teams that his tweets were not seen enough. Holy coincidence.

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If you took to Twitter this morning, you may have witnessed a strange phenomenon. For the past few days, users have been discovering the “For You” tab, which displays tweets from members they don’t necessarily follow, but which are related to their interests. However, for a short time, this tab was literally flooded with tweets from Elon Musk.

Thus, even people who do not follow the billionaire on the social network were able to read the many conversations and replies from it to other users. A very bad surprise for those who do not particularly appreciate the one who bought the platform, who were quick to complain massively about the situation. Some time later, Elon Musk himself acknowledged that a problem was afoot.

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Why all of Twitter was taken over by Elon Musk

As noted by our colleagues from The Verge, the phenomenon took place only a few days after Elon Musk himself complained on Twitter that his publications were not visible enough to other users. The billionaire did not hesitate to dismiss one of his employees for the same reason. 3 days later, here he is on the news feed of (almost) everyone. Hard to believe in a coincidence.

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As of this writing, things finally seem to be back to normal. On his own account, Elon Musk asked users to “wait while we make some adjustments to uh… the algorithm”, implying that the problem is being solved online. If even Elon Musk finds that we talk too much about him…

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