Elongated Bob: This is what defines the trend hairstyle

Elongated bob
The trend hairstyle that grows with you

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Can't decide between a short hairstyle and a long hairstyle? Then choose the compromise in the middle: The elongated bob is an interim solution that we are completely satisfied with! You can find out what makes the bob here!

This is what defines the elongated bob

  • The elongated bob is defined by the length of the hair: This is one Medium-cut, because the hair is worn about shoulder length, but can also grow beyond that! Whether stepped or straight cut is up to you!
  • The bob fits every hair structure: Whether wavy, curly or straight hair – with the bob you are completely flexible!

That's why we love the elongated bob

The elongated bob offers the perfect one Compromise between long and short hair: In the past you would have spoken of a transitional hairstyle … on the one hand, if you want to approach short hair, or on the other hand, if you let your hair grow long. Today we simply declare medium length to be the trend hairstyle and we can enjoy all the advantages of styling with slightly longer hairwithout having to take care of very long hair! In addition, the hairstyle is particularly advantageous during Corona times, as regular trimming at the hairdresser is no longer necessary the bob can simply grow with you!

This is how you style the elongated bob

Smooth, with curls or casual beach waves – try out what suits you best! Those who already have a lot of volume should wear the bob hairstyle straight. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a volume kick, grab a curling iron or style gentle beach waves. Even a curly hair looks stunning in medium length! Thin hair, on the other hand, can help with volume powder or some texture spray. Absolute flexibility – we like!

Tip: Here's how to style beach waves overnight!

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