EM: Crown Prince Frederik and son Christian support Denmark

Crown Prince Frederik and son Christian support Denmark

Prince Christian (left) with father Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in Wembley Stadium.


Denmark gets royal support in the EM semifinals: Crown Prince Frederik sits in the audience with his son Christian and his wife Mary.

For the Danish and English national teams, Wednesday evening (July 7th) the hot phase of the European Championship will begin. The two teams have been fighting for a place in the big European Championship finals since 9 p.m. The Danes get royal support from the ranks of the London Wembley Stadium: Crown Prince Frederik (53) has traveled with Princess Mary (49) and son Prince Christian (15). The latter cheers on Denmark in a red team shirt and a dark blue jacket.

Crown Prince Frederik wears a white shirt, a black jacket and beige chinos with his Denmark scarf. Princess Mary visits the stadium in a white blouse, burgundy blazer and black suit trousers. The royals also held the sporty family outing with a snapshot on Instagram. They wrote: “The togetherness has brought us here – let’s show them that we are not going home, we are getting ahead. Come on, Denmark!”