Emergence chooses to accelerate two new funds for its “TECHS FOR GOOD” compartment

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(Boursier.com) — Emergence and NewAlpha Asset Management, delegated manager of the SICAV, announce the 4th and 5th investments of the Emergence techs for good1 sub-fund in the Sextant Tech funds of Amiral Gestion and Aesculape SRI of Montpensier Finance, which each receive approximately 20 million euros.
A talent scout for entrepreneurial management, Emergence encouraged these two funds with expertise in European tech leaders, regardless of their capitalization size, to apply for the Tibi qualification they obtained.

Amiral Gestion’s Sextant Tech fund benefits from the management company’s historical expertise in the listed French and European small and mid cap segment. Its investment strategy was very recently reoriented to specialize in innovative business sectors at the heart of the technological value chain, with the commitment to mainly target French and European equities while assuming a global investment horizon. .
Through its positioning as a “cornerstone fund”, it also aims to promote long-term support for these innovative companies and promote the emergence of a stock market ecosystem capable of supporting the development of French and European Tech. The participation of all the European and international management teams, based in Paris and Singapore, makes it possible to carry out a detailed and bottom-up fundamental analysis, based on a balanced assessment between the quality of the economic model and the intrinsic value of the companies. The fund is also committed to a sustainable approach adapted to the specific challenges of tech. The fund includes around 30 stocks. Its assets are 40 million euros at 20/12/2022, including the contribution of Emergence.

An independent management company, owned by its managers and employees, Amiral Gestion was created in 2003.
As of 11/30/2022, its assets under management represent 3.5 billion euros, divided between several dedicated mandates
and 11 open compartments of its SICAV Sextant. Amiral Gestion currently has 57 employees, including
nearly half are directly involved in researching investment ideas.

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