Emergency doctor call after the final whistle: footballers collapse after corona infection

Emergency doctor call after the final whistle
Footballers collapse after corona infection

Drama after the final whistle: Two players from the regional soccer division Berliner AK collapse and have to be supplied with oxygen by the emergency doctor. Both players have only just recovered from a corona infection. The doctors see “an immediate connection”.

In the regional soccer division Berliner AK, two players collapsed after the final whistle. They had to be treated by an emergency doctor. Both were affected by a corona outbreak at the club.

After the 0: 2 on Friday evening at Carl Zeiss Jena, Ugur Ogulcan Tezel and Kwabe Schulz had cardiovascular problems and were supplied with oxygen by emergency doctors, coach Andre Meyer reported to the RBB. According to the emergency doctors, there is “a direct connection” to their corona disease in November.

Substitute Schulz collapsed right after the final whistle. The replaced Tezel only collapsed later in the cabin. “We gave a start, of course. That really showed us things again,” said Meyer, speaking of a “brutally emotional” situation. Other players who had just recovered from the infection were also “afraid for themselves”.

“Football doesn’t make sense like this”

After the corona quarantine, the BAK had to play four games within eleven days. “You come to a point where your body goes on strike,” said Meyer. The results are secondary, but “football doesn’t make sense like that”.

The coach said both players who had collapsed had refused further medical examinations and had traveled back to Berlin on Friday evening at their own risk. Her heart rate was checked on the trip using the club’s own knife, but there were no other abnormalities for the time being.

The Berlin AK has to play two more games before the winter break. The feeling of insecurity in the club is now very great. “I will definitely not field the two collapsed players on Sunday. But I still have four times as many players who have suffered this infection,” said Meyer. During the corona outbreak, PCR tests were positive in ten players, plus three infected supervisors.

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