Emilie (Married at first sight) “at the foot of the wall”: barely formalized, her couple already threatened

Emilie saw herself making her life with Fredérick after having said “yes” to him in Married at first sight. However, she suffered a new failure after the sudden departure of the father of her daughter Lina. Far from ending on a positive note and without resentment, their marriage ended in bad war. Meanwhile, Emilie has returned to happiness. On September 21, she even announced in her Instagram story that she had found love again. If she did not reveal the identity of the lucky one, she multiplied the projects and even spoke of having a baby. Program slightly disrupted now.

Emilie spoke in an Instagram story, telling her subscribers to find themselves in a complicated love situation overnight. Her daughter asleep behind her in the car (parked as she specifies), the young woman explained herself. Her man traveling several countries of the world for professional reasons left her no choice: either she follows him or it’s over. An ultimatum that she did not really appreciate: “He announces to me like that, while he is at the other end of the earth, that I will have to follow him for two weeks in the month. […] In any case, he’s not going to stay stable in France, he’s going to live pretty much everywhere so I would have to be able to follow him. […] It’s not possible, I have my daughter with me.

I have priorities, I can’t slam everything

If the proposal may seem attractive and flattering, the mother that is Emilie cannot help but be pragmatic: “If all goes well, Lina after she goes to kindergarten, I’m not going to take her out of school, lug her from right to left. […] I don’t feel ready to do that, I felt up against the wall because we had agreed, we had talked about it and overnight, I was told that it was like that and it’s not otherwise because it’s his business so it’s up to me to leave everything, to leave everything. Sorry but no I don’t see life like that. I have my daughter who is there, I have priorities, I can’t slam everything like that and I don’t like being put up against the wall. It is complicated.

For the moment, there is no question of leaving France and following him. Emilie even revealed that between her and her companion, “pause” had imposed itself: “He sticks to his positions, I stick to mine“Will things end up getting better? Anyway, there’s no question for Emilie of leaving her mother, who she has always been able to count on when she needed it:”My mother, when I had problems, only she helped me. A man has always let go of my hand so leave everything for a man, no no I’m too scared.” Will love be stronger than anything? Case to follow.

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