Emilien (“Les 12 coups de midi”): this adorable declaration of love to his darling Jessica: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Fans of the show The 12 strokes of noon know it well: young Émilien is a candidate full of surprises. In just a few months, and since his arrival on the set of the TF1 show on September 25, 2023, the young history student saw his life turned upside down. The reason ? Thanks to his talent but also his knowledge, he quickly became Master of Midday. Today, moreover, at only 21 years old, someone who has been affected by an illness for years has a prize pool of 630,823 euros, and has no less than 140 participations to its credit. A track record such that the young man is now among the 10 greatest champions of the game: he currently occupies, within the historical ranking of the show hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, sixth position. If he aims for the first, it is still occupied by the record holder Bruno, with his 252 participations and his prize pool of 1,026,107 euros.

An adorable statement from Émilien

On this Valentine’s Day, it was inevitable for the broadcast of 12 shots of noon to pass under the sign of love. On this occasion, Jean-Luc Reichmann, who, like the viewers, begins to know Émilien’s family as well as his girlfriend Jessica, did not hesitate to tease the young man, particularly about his romantic relationship. “Your Valentine is not here because she is working”, he declares at the start of the show. To which the young student, who had to make some sacrifices, responds, pointing to his heart: “She’s not here, but she’s there nonetheless”. An adorable declaration which, however, was not enough for the presenter of the show, who made another request of the candidate: “Any message for your Valentine?” “You’re not here, it’s for a good cause. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway, and then… I love you, then declares Émilien. A touching message, which surprises even Jean-Luc Reichmann: “This is the first time you’ve told him I love you in public. Tell him again right away.” An order that the Master of Midday carries out, under the tender gaze of the public.

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