Emilien (“Les 12 coups de midi”): what ritual did his partner Jessica put in place during the commercials? : Current Woman Le MAG

Monday September 25, 2023, a young candidate named Emilien made his first appearance in The 12 strokes of noon on TF1. Having seized the coveted title of Master of Midday that day, he has since achieved a faultless performance in the game of Jean-Luc Reichmann, whose history he has already made. Indeed, Emilien recently entered the Top 20 of the best candidates of 12 shots of noonwith 64 participations in the daily game of TF1. So far, the champion managed to achieve 29 masterstrokes, while discovering two mysterious stars, thus displaying a prize pool of 285,700 euros at present. To support him in his exceptional journey, Emilien can count on his partner Jessica. The one that the champion of 12 shots of noon met at high school was present on the set of the show Monday November 27, 2023. The young woman took the opportunity to reveal the ritual that she put in place during the commercial breaks with her companion.

Emilien (“Les 12 coups de midi”) on his partner Jessica: “I don’t want to lose in front of her”

“It’s coming together, it’s going quickly and you have to stay super excited”first launched Emilien, when Jean-Luc Reichmann compared his career in The 12 strokes of noon to a marathon. “We didn’t realize it was so intense,” Jessica added. The Visual Arts student then revealed how she supported the current Midday Master during the recordings of the daily game of TF1. “I try to pamper him a little in my own way to support him,” she first said, before citing certain examples. “He eats a lot of bananas to boost himself before the show. Otherwise, I give him a little massage during the commercial breaks so that he can relax”, Jessica revealed. A ritual that seems to be bearing fruit so far. As part of an interview given to Tele-Leisure the same day, Emilien spoke about the presence of his partner on the set of 12 shots of noon. “It’s also a little extra pressure, I don’t want to lose in front of her,” he pointed out.

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