Emilien, too comfortable in “Les 12 coups de midi”? Jean-Luc Reichmann takes back the champion after a little prank: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He arrived in September 2023, and looks set to stay! Yes, in the space of a few months, Emilien has made a place of choice for himself in the 12 shots of noon : he is today second in the ranking of the greatest champions of the TF1 game, just behind the record holder Bruno. But with his 210 victories, the 21-year-old student is getting closer every day to the first step of the podium. And inevitably, when you stay on a show for so long, you end up feeling comfortable. Maybe even a little too much. Having become close to Jean-Luc Reichmann, and very popular with the public, Emilien seems more and more relaxed on the set of 12 shots of noon. And he proved it during the show on Monday April 22, 2024, by allowing oneself a little prank… which did not escape the ears of the host.

Jean-Luc Reichmann teases Emilien, who let out an expletive in front of the cameras

In the middle of the “Fatal Coup” which opposed him to the candidate of the day Nathan, the Master of Midday had a second of doubt. At the question “Who was king of France in 1492, when America was discovered?”, the one who studies History at university did not respond straight away. “Uh… shit… uh… Charles VIII!”, Emilien finally replied. And if he thought that this swear word had gone unnoticed, he didn’t know Jean-Luc Reichmann well: “Did you say shit?” If the champion immediately apologized, assuring that it was “the first time [qu’il dit] something like that”, that was not enough for the host. “But wait… On his 210th participation, he just said ‘shit’ in front of his stepfather, his grandmother and his sister”underlined the star host of TF1, before resuming Emilien as it should be: A little elegance! You don’t say ‘shit’ on TV like that. Have I ever said ‘shit’? No but frankly…” A touch of humor to which the faithful viewers of the 12 shots of noon are used to it. Moreover, before resuming the game, Jean-Luc Reichmann added a final layer, this time for the attention of the other candidate. “Okay, Nathan, focus… damn!” Enough to amuse Emilien, but also the audience present on set.

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