Emilie’s revelations about her love life intrigue her fans


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On her Instagram account, Émilie, candidate for season 6 of Married at first sight, recently mysteriously alluded to her love life.

Has Émilie finally found her other half? This is what the young woman suggested, on her Instagram account, as indicated Tele-Leisure, Saturday, June 25. Revealed to the general public during her participation in the sixth edition of Married at first sight – whose last episode will be broadcast on Monday June 27 on M6 – Lina’s mother, who had said “Yes” to Frederickbefore both decided to divorce, made new revelations.

Thus, during a question-and-answer game with her subscribers to which the 30-year-old lent herself, an Internet user made this request to her: “Do you want to marry me at second sight?” A proposal that the main interested party judged “cute”, before declining it in an Instagram story. Which, with viewers of the dating program, raises the eternal question: did she find love? And for good reason, as the magazine observes, a few hours earlier, Émilie had confided in these mysterious terms: “I may no longer be a heart to take. The answer soon.”

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Émilie: a painful sentimental past

If the 34-year-old had indeed found her soul mate, it would be a beautiful revenge on life. Indeed, it has gone through many trials in the past. Before participating in Married at first sight, she had suffered from the abandonment of her former companionwho had left her when she was pregnant with her baby girl.

“After four months of pregnancythe doctors told me that my daughter could be carrying a disease. Which ? We didn’t know. When I saw her little legs on the ultrasound, I couldn’t let her downexplained Émilie to the cameras of M6, on the occasion of the portrait which had been dedicated to her. In contrast, [son] biological father decided to leave us, to abandon us. And finally, my daughter is healthy.”

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