Emily Blunt in a western with a Twilight hero: when is the new event series The English coming out?

After Django, CANAL+ digs the furrow of modern westerns by announcing the forthcoming broadcast of its new Original Creation: The English. Date, trailer, casting… everything you need to know about the event series with Emily Blunt.


After Django, CANAL+ persists and signs a new series redefining the codes of the western. While Matthias Schoenaerts is currently dazzling us in the role of a cowboy in the middle of The New Babylon in the adaptation of the cult film by Sergio Corbucci, Emily Blunt is determined to follow suit through The English.

A 6-episode mini-series created by Hugo Blick (The Honorable Woman), this CANAL+ Original Creation takes us back to 1890. We follow the fate of Cornella Lock, an English aristocrat in search of the man she holds responsible for the death of of his son. A pursuit during which she will cross paths with Eli Whipp, a former Native American cavalry scout.

Between violent territories and destiny anchored in a common past, physical ordeals and psychological challenges, their road is strewn with obstacles which will feed an exciting and thrilling intrigue at will. To embody this strong duo, The English can count on the talent of the perfect Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer, famous for his role as Sam Uley in the Twilight saga.

They share the poster with Stephen Rea (V for Vendetta), Ciarán Hinds (Munich) or Toby Jones (Captain America: First Avenger). See you on March 30 on CANAL+ and myCANAL.

The English, from March 30 only on CANAL+ and myCANAL.

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