Emily Ratajkowski: Model suffered for a long time in her marriage

Emily Ratajkowski
Model suffered for a long time in her marriage

Emily Ratajkowski was unhappy in her marriage for a long time.

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Emily Ratajkowski ended her marriage at the end of 2022, but long before that she was unhappy with her husband, as the model has now revealed.

Emily Ratajkowski, 31, spoke on a mental health podcast about how difficult it was for her to end her marriage to film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

The model filed for divorce in September 2022. In the podcast “Going Mental” with Eileen Kelly she now revealed that she had suffered a lot from her relationship before the breakup. For a long time she would not have had the strength to walk. “I weighed about 100 pounds and had just had a baby. I got really skinny because I wasn’t ok.”

She has tried many things to feel better, including antidepressants. “I was sure something was wrong with me,” Ratajkowski continued. “What I’ve learned from this relationship is to trust my instincts.”

Victims of gaslighting

The model also speaks of being a victim of gaslighting. The victim is manipulated by the other person’s lies and intimidation tactics in such a way that he begins to doubt his own sanity. One day, a red line was crossed for her, the 31-year-old explained, without revealing details of the incident.

Ratajkowski and film producer Bear-McClard married in February 2018. Their son Sylvester Apollo Bear was born in 2021. Ratajowki separated in July 2022, previously rumors about her husband cheating had gone through the media.

The mother now enjoys her new freedom very much. She didn’t think “that going back to myself would be so nice,” she said on the podcast. “I’m going back to how I see the world, how I understand things, to my instincts.”


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