Emma Roberts: That's why it was difficult for her to get pregnant

Emma Roberts is expecting her first child. In an interview, the actress spoke openly about her difficulties in getting pregnant.

In early 2021 Emma Roberts (29, "Holidate") is expecting her first child, a boy, with her partner, the actor Garrett Hedlund (35, "Triple Frontier"). As the first pregnant woman, the actress now adorns the cover of the US magazine "Cosmopolitan": She wears a pink two-piece suit that skilfully stages her baby bump. In an interview with the magazine, Emma Roberts speaks openly about how difficult it was for her to get pregnant after she was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago.

"I felt like I did something wrong"

Endometriosis also affected her fertility, Roberts said, so she was advised to "freeze her eggs or consider other options." She was "stunned" about it. "It felt so permanent and, strangely enough, I had the feeling that I had done something wrong," says the actress, who at a young age wanted to become a mother. When she started sharing her experiences with other women, she finally realized that she was not alone and had done nothing wrong.

Only when she stopped thinking about it, she became pregnant, reveals the niece of Julia Roberts (53). But she wasn't too exuberant at first and didn't make big plans: "Things can go wrong when you're pregnant. You don't see that on Instagram," said Roberts. That's why she only told her partner and family about her pregnancy. But she is fine and healthy. To see all the changes in her body is surprising and beautiful at the same time.