Emma Schweiger: Familiar recording with Jan Josef Liefers’ daughter Lilly

The star news of the day in the GALA ticker: Emma Schweiger shares a familiar picture with Jan Josef Liefers’ daughter Lilly +++ Jaden Smith caught kissing in Paris +++ Oliver Pocher’s daughter Nayla poses with Roger Federer +++ Toni Garrn shares cryptic ones lines.

The star news of the day in the GALA ticker

June 23, 2023

Emma Schweiger shares a familiar picture with Jan Josef Liefers’ daughter Lilly

Emma Schweiger, 20, grew up in public. At the tender age of three she appeared in Papa Til Schweiger’s 59 film “Barfuss”. Over the years she took on more and more roles and established herself as an actress. Lilly Liefers, 20, the daughter of screen and “Tatort” star Jan Josef Liefers, 58, and Anna Loos, 52, has a similar resume. She has also worked in movies and has played the role of Charlotte Jessen in the Crime film series “Next to the track”.

So it’s hardly surprising that the two young women have obviously become friends – after all, they have a lot in common. In her Instagram story, Emma reposts a cute clip. In it, Lilly gives Emma a kiss on the cheek, then both smile heartily at the camera.

© instagram.com/emma.schweiger

Emma Schweiger: Cute shot with Jan Josef Liefers' daughter

© instagram.com/emma.schweiger

June 22, 2023

Caught! Jaden Smith kisses influencer Paola Locatelli in Paris

In the city of love, passion goes through with them: celebrity offspring Jaden Smith, 24, and French influencer Paola Locatelli, 19, kissed in public after an afterparty of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton in Paris. The label presented its men’s collection beforehand and already at the party you could see the two talking, lovingly looking at each other and flirting and giggling.

Paola Locatelli and Jaden Smith

Paola Locatelli and Jaden Smith

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The son of Will Smith, 54, and Jada Pinkett-Smith, 51, traveled to the French capital to give creative director and pop star Pharrell Williams, 50, moral support and partied until Tuesday, June 20, according to the Daily Mail the early morning hours. He was photographed at two in the morning kissing passionately on the streets of Paris with the influencer.

Paola Locatelli has two million followers on Instagram and is apparently on first-name terms with world stars like Rihanna, 35. It is not yet known whether she has known Jaden Smith for a long time or whether it sparked spontaneously at the after-show party. One thing is certain: the two would definitely be a beautiful couple.

Oliver Pocher’s daughter comes very close to her idol

Oliver Pocher, 45, keeps making headlines with his rough humor. However, when it comes to wife Amira, 30, ex Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, 40, and his children, the comedian becomes tame. Even if the marriage to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden is long over, the jewelry designer is still part of the family. And not just because the two have three children together. Although Oliver Pocher criticizes other celebrities when they show their kids online, he recently shared pictures of daughter Nayla on Instagram – and is now doing it again.

The proud father insists on taking the time for his big one and fulfilling her wish: she meets her idol Roger Federer, 41. In his Instagram story he publishes a picture that shows the trio. And the tennis star seems to be very sympathetic to father and daughter. “Just a professional and one more fan,” writes Oli. The athlete has really worked hard for his daughter. “And then he takes his time and asks YOU,” he comments on the photo.

Emma Schweiger: Cute shot with Jan Josef Liefers' daughter

© instagram.com/oliverpocher

June 21, 2023

Toni Garrn: Does she reveal the reason for her marriage with these messages?

Behind Toni Garrn, 30, lie difficult months. In late April 2023, the model announced she was splitting from husband Alex Pettyfer, 33. The German-born and the British actor only exchanged vows in Hamburg in 2020, two years later they renewed their oath of allegiance on the Greek island of Paros. The end came as a surprise. Both kept silent about the reasons. The well-being of their daughter Luca, 1, was their priority. But now cryptic lines in the Instagram story of the still quite freshly separated make you sit up and take notice.

First of all, Toni shares an emotional statement for friends in need: “A big compliment to the friends who stay up late at night to talk to you, who answer immediately when problems arise, who leave everything behind “to help and basically being a therapist. You don’t get enough credit but we appreciate you so much,” reads the message, taken from a Twitter channel, which could well be directed at those close to her who have supported her through the troubling time apart.

Another shared quote from Twitter, on the other hand, could express Toni Garrn’s feelings before the marriage:

You deserve to be in an environment that brings out the gentleness in you, not the survival in you.

These are words that give food for thought in the light of recent events.

Emma Schweiger: Cute shot with Jan Josef Liefers' daughter

© instagram.com/tonigarrn

Peer and Janni Kusmagk leave their house in Mallorca

At the end of May, Janni Kusmagk, 32, announced that she was embarking on the next adventure with her husband Peer Kusmagk, 48, and their three children, Emil-Ocean, 5, Yoko, 3, and Merlin, 1: Leaving the family Mallorca and travels the world for an indefinite period. Now the time has come, Janni and Peer are leaving their house in Mallorca, which they just moved into at the beginning of this year. In her Instagram story, the mother of three reports that she chose the “hottest days” to move out. On Tuesday, June 20th, they expanded their whirlpool at what felt like 50 degrees. “Bye Bye Hottub, what a wonderful time it was in the warm water overlooking the sea – we’ll see you again in another beautiful place in winter,” writes the 32-year-old.

Emma Schweiger: Cute shot with Jan Josef Liefers' daughter

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During all the hustle and bustle, the children are busy playing games, as the former surfer further reveals. “It’s also incredibly exciting for the children… There’s a lot of play this morning – the toys come last – and of course the favorite things come with us. [sic]”It seems as if her departure is imminent. Janni has not revealed where the family will go first.

Emma Schweiger: Cute shot with Jan Josef Liefers' daughter

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June 20, 2023

“Coupleontour”-Ina is allowed to go home to her wife and child

The influencers Ina and Vanessa became notorious last summer. The couple, who became known as “Coupleontour” on Instagram, had to cope with a terrible stroke of fate. While Vanessa was feverishly expecting the birth of her daughter Olivia Rose, Ina suffered a stroke and was in a coma. Since then, the 27-year-old has been paralyzed on one side, but bravely fights back to life. Now the day has come when Ina can return to her family.

The YouTubers shared a clip on Instagram showing them leaving the hospital. “After 11.5 months it’s going home,” reads it. Ina and Nessi leave the hospital together with the stroller and suitcases. Before her stroke, Ina and her wife Vanessa decided to build a house. Now Ina, Vanessa and daughter Olivia could move in together, as Vanessa revealed in her Instagram story on Saturday, June 18: “… let’s go, end the chapter and start a new one”. We wish the little family all the luck in the world!

June 19, 2023

Aurora Ramazzotti shows her two sweethearts

Aurora Ramazzotti, 26, is so happy with her two husbands. In her Instagram story she now shares a sweet post from her friend Goffredo, who shows him with their baby Cesare. The proud dad holds his son sitting on the table in his arms and looks at him with a funny grimace. Does the little one react? Unfortunately, you can’t see that, because Cesare is only shown from behind.

“I love her so much,” writes the 26-year-old daughter of Michelle Hunziker, 46, to the photo, adding a white heart.

Aurora Ramazzotti regularly shares insights into her family life with her followers. Whether breastfeeding or walking in a bright blue playsuit – the 2.6 million followers definitely get a nice impression of how happy Aurora is in her new role as a mother.

Thomas Gottschalk shares rare family photos with grandchildren and siblings

As an entertainer, Thomas Gottschalk, 73, is in demand on television. But the “Wetten, dass…?” moderator is also very busy as a family man. With ex-partner Thea, 77, the native Franconian has two sons, Tristan, 34, and Roman, 40. Both made him a happy grandfather. Tristan has been a father since 2010, Roman’s son was born in 2018. Thomas Gottschalk announced the birth of the second bundle of joy on the Internet. “We interrupt the program for a short announcement: I’ve become a grandpa,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. The entertainer also announced the name of his youngest grandson: Sebastian. Gottschalk fans can now take a look at the scion, because the 73-year-old is showing his photo album on Instagram!

The moderator poses for the camera with his grandson Sebastian and his grandnephew Paul. All three smile and make a sugar-sweet picture with their blond hair! But Thomas Gottschalk has other private recordings ready for his community. Behind photo number two is partner Karina Mroß with her daughter. A rare surprise follows in the last picture: Here the entertainer shows himself with his brother Christoph, 70, and his sister Raphaela, 63.

The TV star writes about his private family album: “Three pictures, one story: my grandson Sebastian and my grandnephew Paul, Karina with her daughter and my siblings.” The fans are delighted. “What a nice insight into your family,” was the unanimous verdict.

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