Emmanuel Macron “a little upset” because of Jean Castex


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Emmanuel Macron finds it difficult to accept refusals. The one opposed to him by Jean Castex even particularly destabilized him.

Emmanuel Macron has a new head of government. Monday, May 16, he appointed Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister. She thus becomes the second woman to hold these positions under the Fifth Republic. The president praised the professional qualities of Elisabeth Borne. “It is the choice of competence in the service of France, of a woman of conviction, action and achievement” defended the Elysée at the time of his appointment.

If the president is satisfied with his choice, he still has to digest the departure – which he considers premature – of his ex-Prime Minister Jean Castex. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron would have asked Jean Castex to retain his functions until the legislative elections. The President wanted to call on a new head of government after this deadline. But Jean Castex did not hear it that way. He refused to continue his activities as Prime Minister. It is the Obs which reveals this information this May 19 in an article. “He refused and the president found himself a little offended”writes theObs.

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Jean Castex turns the Macron page

Jean Castex seemed on the contrary in a hurry to return to his private life. He resigned on Monday May 16 and despite having enjoyed political experience, he seemed in a hurry to leave Matignon. The former Prime Minister already has vacation plans and plans to take care of his house in the Pyrenees.

“We’re at the end of a cycle. Nobody owns their load. I just hope I’m better coming out than coming in,” explained Jean Castex to Parisian. Only Emmanuel Macron seemed motivated to continue his state functions. His enthusiasm was not contagious. Especially since tradition dictates that the Prime Minister is appointed only a few days after the victory of the President. Jean Castex assumed his duties for three additional weeks.

His new Prime Minister, on the other hand, is very proud of his new functions. It is said that she fought hard to get her place at Matignon. Regarding the team she will lead, nothing definitive has been decided. “We are working on it, we are taking the necessary time because we want the best team”, promised Elisabeth Borne.

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