Emmanuel Macron Brganon to prepare for the start of the school year

Emmanuel Macron spends a few days at Fort de Brégançon, the residence of heads of state on the Côte d’Azur, “from where he follows the files and prepares for the start of the school year”, we learned on Tuesday from the presidency. .

Brganon, like the Elyse, is a place of work and crisis management, emphasized the services of the President of the Republic, who had already spent the end of year celebrations in this Var residence in previous years.

The Elyse did not specify where Mr. Macron had spent the Christmas weekend, nor when he had arrived Bormes-les-Mimosas, the town of Var where the famous fortress is located.

Highly sensitive subjects come home

The Head of State should be back in Paris by Saturday, for the traditional televised greetings to the French, during which he could discuss the projects for the coming year, starting with the highly sensitive pension reform, which the government is due to unveil the contents on January 10.

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Among the back-to-school issues are also the threat of power cuts due to the energy crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, the inflation that continues to weigh on households and businesses, the continuation of labor market reforms, the reflection around the end of life and those around the health system and National Education.

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