Emmanuel Macron: his tribute to 100,000 dead from Covid-19 in France creates controversy: Femme Actuelle MAG

A sadly symbolic figure. Thursday April 15, 2021, France has crossed a threshold that the President of the Republic feared for a year … According to the accounts of Public Health France, the Covid-19 pandemic, which killed nearly 3 million people around the world, killed 100,000 people on French territory since February 2020. Faced with this macabre finding, Emmanuel Macron, himself affected by the coronavirus in December 2020, wanted to pay tribute to the victims by posting a message on his Twitter account. A tribute that was not really well received by Internet users, who quickly accused him of “celebrating” a number that has nothing to do with an anniversary …

“There is something unhealthy”, “How dare you?”

“Since the start of the pandemic, 100,000 French women and men have succumbed to the virus. We all have a thought for their families, their loved ones, for the children who have lost a parent or a grandparent, the bereaved siblings, the broken friendships “, he tweeted on April 15, 2021 at the end of the day. And to conclude in a second tweet in comment: “And if all our energy is now focused on getting out of this ordeal, we will not forget no face, no name ”. If this message was “liked” by several thousand people, it was however not unanimous in comment.

Indeed, some Internet users have judged this “anniversary” slightly macabre. “How dare you? Your cynicism definitely has no limits!”, “Stop your circus. You have no thoughts. For anyone except yourself”, “Macron who pays tribute to the victims of the Covid, it’s a bit like Jonathan Daval who cries at his wife’s funeral”, “Epidemiologist I spoke. It’s true that 100,000 deaths are well worth a tribute tweet,” “There is something unhealthy about waiting until you cross the 100,000 dead mark to say something”, can we read in the comments. An outcry, however, nuanced by several messages of thanks sent warmly to the President of the Republic.

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