Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament: the trap set for his political opponents

Emmanuel Macron presented Wednesday to the European Parliament the main lines of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union. A speech of about twenty minutes where the Head of State spoke at length about the rule of law, which is increasingly threatened by authoritarian countries, he said.

The beginnings of the election campaign

The President of the Republic then praised a sovereign Europe and asked to include the protection of the environment as well as the recognition of abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. So many progressive themes, already at the heart of his campaign five years ago, that the Head of State wishes to impose again in the public debate.

But a few months before the presidential election, the sequence was marked by exchanges with MEPs. The environmental candidate Yannick Jadot challenged the head of state, accusing him of being “climato-accommodating”. “You will go down in history, Mr. President of the Republic, the president of climate inaction,” he told him.

Emmanuel Macron did not ask so much to defend his record on the climate. “France was at the forefront of this strategy, you can’t deny it because you would be lying,” he retorts.

The Elysée was prepared for it and there was no shortage of attacks. “You behaved like a liquidator at the head of the French state,” says Jordan Bardella, acting president of the National Rally. “For France but also for Europe, it is vital that your mandate remains unique.”

Tackled in turn by Emmanuel Macron, comfortable in the exercise: “You have all the same, I must salute him, very methodically, said anything about all the European texts that we can sign”, told him- he replied. A face-to-face with the MEPs that Emmanuel Macron wanted to approach as President of the Republic but who still signs his entry into the campaign a little more.

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