Emmanuel Macron: this TV show that he follows with fervor: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Emmanuel Macron is a viewer like any other! And even if his agenda is the type loaded with, among other things, the management of the health crisis, the President of the Republic likes to indulge himself in small moments of pleasure on the sofa of his Parisian apartment. Sunday Newspaper taught us at the start of his term that he had his coffee in front of Telematin, back in the days when the morning program was hosted by William Leymergie. But this fan of TV series, who prefers not to watch them so as not to become addicted, also has a penchant for other family entertainment: The Voice. The tele-hook of TF1, who returns this Saturday, February 6 with Vianney in the coach chair, has indeed the favors of the companion of Brigitte Macron who, she holds in high esteem Secrets of stories, presented by Stéphane Bern, who has since become a government employee on heritage issues.

President Macron sends text messages to Stéphane Bern

But the Macron couple's TV program does not stop at these shows alone. A famous competition is also one of the head of state's unmissable events: Eurovision. Emmanuel Macron and his wife would not miss an edition of this event, long described as outdated but which is gradually returning to favor in the eyes of the French. It was Stephane Bern who sold the wick to our colleagues from Release, on Saturday February 6, 2021. "Emmanuel Macron texts me when he's watching TV on final nights", revealed the one with his napkin ring in the commentary booth of France TV. The crowned heads specialist will accompany the French representative, Barbara Pravi, to Rotterdam on Saturday May 22, hoping for a good surprise and an heir to Marie Myriam, last winner of the European song contest The child and the bird. In any case, the French candidate will be able to count on the support of a fervent supporter, who will be in front of her post, with his wife and his cell phone, not far away.

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